DevOps/Cloud Engineer – Healthcare AI

Mednition Inc. offers SaaS based clinical decision support solutions to hospitals to improve patient safety and help drive down costs for healthcare delivery. We analyze medical records and translate this information into real-time high accuracy clinical predictions. We are looking to expand our team with curious and hard working individuals who want to make a difference for clinicians and the patients they care for. This position is big data focused, requires strong analytical skills, creativity, and attention to detail.

General Skills
  1. Independent thinker
  2. Strong ability to interpret team strategy goals into designs, projects, and tasks
  3. Quality and security focused – build solutions which can be tested and deployed at scale
  4. Team focused – thrive on working in a team environment to deliver results that are embraced by diverse teams with deep domain expertise (eg. data scientists and clinicians)
  5. Curiosity – eagerness to explore and transform complexity into simple solutions for ML pipelines and real-time clinical decision support 
  6. Passion – deeply care about helping others and a strong desire to build solutions that improve patient care
Job Focus
  1. Design GCP Infrastructure-as-Code, defining infrastructure with Terraform
  2. Deploy CI/CD pipelines for React/Javascript, Python, Java, and noSQL DB’s
  3. Own DevOps/SRE design, automation, and infrastructure reliability
  4. Deploy and monitor network and security policies
  5. Architecture for reuse, growth and scale
  1. Required:
    1. 2 years experience in the following:
      1. Google Cloud Platform (Compute Engine, Networking, IAM, App Engine, Kubernetes)
      2. Docker
      3. Stackdriver/Splunk
      4. Terraform
      5. Python, Bash, Git
  2. Preferred:
    1. noSQL document DB experience
    2. Experience working within high security cloud environments (PCI, HIPAA, FedRamp, etc)

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