Over Half A Million Now Being Served, Proudly, by Mednition!

Today, we are proud to announce KATE is now being used by more than 1,800 ED clinicians seeing more than 500,000 patients a year in hospitals in California, Oregon, and Hawaii. 

We are equally proud that KATE is loved by nurses and is making a real difference in patient care!

A Personal and Mission Driven Journey

Our journey started a decade ago when a young girl was misdiagnosed in a prominent Emergency Department (ED) that led to complications arising out of a cascade of human errors that started in ED triage. 

She recovered, but the outcome was unacceptable –  no child, parent or clinician should experience this.  How could this happen? How often does this happen? Cleary clinicians needed better support. 

That child, Kate, was the daughter and niece of the founders of Mednition – and given our backgrounds in consulting, technology and data science, we had to figure out a better way.

The volume of emergency room patients (over 130 million a year) and the percentage of high risk patients, magnifies the risk, chaos and adds to the stress of the ED clinicians. 

We vowed to do something to meaningfully improve patient care and support ED clinicians.

We knew we could use machine learning and big data. If we could accurately aggregate and deliver clinical experience to clinicians, and do this at triage in the emergency department (ED), patients will have the best opportunity to get to the right care, faster.  This would improve patient outcomes, hospital throughput and reduce the pressure the clinicians feel from seeing this never ending stream of patients. 

The KATE Impact

We started Mednition and created KATE, the first of its kind, cloud based real-time artificial intelligence (AI)-powered ED triage decision support solution. KATE works in the background, supporting any process and only engages a clinician when it’s clinically relevant.  KATE is a trusted coach, quietly sitting on a nurse’s shoulder and brings lifetimes of individualized insight when needed.

KATE’s data-driven platform consists of more than 10 billion real-world clinical patient data points assembled from leading hospital and healthcare institutions. That dataset is growing exponentially everyday through the continuous use of KATE. 

With COVID-19, KATE is even more critical, as smaller teams with less overall experience (staffing losses) are seeing more and sicker patients.  KATE alleviates pressure on ED nurses, supplying them a ‘trusted second opinion’ and helping them to provide quality care. In the most unobtrusive way, ‘KATE’s got their back!’ 

KATE’s growing community of supporters

This could only be accomplished through close collaboration with the innovative clinicians and leaders at Adventist Health, our investors, advisors, and amazing clinical, data science and business team at Mednition.

We thank you for your trust and will continue our passionate push forward to become a leading provider of trusted, transparent AI-powered healthcare solutions –  supporting clinicians throughout the emergency department and inpatient. 

We are just getting started! 


Steven Reilly & Christian Reilly