Mednition Inc.

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KATE cares
for nurses,

so nurses can care for patients

24/7 real-time clinical risk guidance
for emergency nurses

Real-time AI in triage is saving lives.

“Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our triage process, providing our team with a real-time second set of eyes.”

Ruth Keniston, MSN, RN, CEN, ED Nurse, Adventist Health White Memorial

Ensure Patients Receive the Right Care at the Right Time

See how KATE empowers ED Nurses

AI Software for Emergency Departments

We help you focus clinical resources with confidence, informed by a comprehensive understanding of the patient and the care they are receiving. So you can quickly and accurately identify higher risk and significantly improve outcomes and experiences.

1,000,000 patients!

We are proud to share that over 1 million patients each year will benefit from clinical-grade artificial intelligence mitigating risk at the front door of their healthcare system. Co-Founders, Steven and Christian share their journey and vision.

ENA Lantern Award logo 2021 to 2024
UCSF Digital Health Awards Finalist

Mednition is proud to announce that we've been selected as a Rising Star Finalist in the UCSF Digital Health Awards in the EHR Innovation category!

Sepsis Alliance Summit 2022

Early recognition of sepsis remains elusive. Learn how Quality Leaders at Adventist Health leveraged KATE AI to detect sepsis 80% better than 2 SIRS vitals and an identified source of infection at Triage.

The Future of Early Sepsis Detection

The latest pre-print study shows how KATE Sepsis algorithm is a game-changing tool to recognize any kind of sepsis. This will not only save lives but also prevent additional complications down the line!

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