Save more lives
in your ED.
No extra work.

KATE empowers nurses to spot high-risk patients faster and far more accurately with zero workflow changes.

Keep your sickest patients from slipping through the cracks.

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Proven, Nurse-Powered AI

Boost critical thinking and decision-making with KATE's real-time, AI-powered risk intelligence platform at triage. Our expert-validated platform empowers your ED nurses by automatically identifying and prioritizing high-risk patients, helping them significantly save more lives without increasing effort or oversight.

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We’ve taken a nurse-first approach by building KATE for nurses, by nurses. It seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows, bringing unparalleled ease and effortlessly making an immediate impact to your staff.

Join the future of emergency nursing and transform the way you identify critically ill patients. Lift the nursing experience and dramatically improving patient outcomes with our rigorously tested solution.

The Future of Nursing-Led Care

Designed for Nurses
KATE seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow and EMR, requiring zero changes.

Reliable, Timely Support
Foster critical thinking and provide the support nurses need, in the moments they need it most.

Dramatically Improve Outcomes
With KATE Al's help, optimize outcomes for high-risk conditions with real data and real results.

AI and the Future of Nursing

Download our exclusive e-Book now to learn more about how to safely incorporate AI best–practices. Discover how to use technology to improve patient care and rapidly improve staff efficiency while saving departmental costs across the board.

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Real-Time AI is Saving Lives

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our triage process, providing our team with a real-time second set of eyes.

Ruth Keniston
MSN, RN, CEN, ED Nurse, Adventist Health White Memorial