Emergency Department Research


June 2023

Latest Research

Accurate detection of sepsis at ED triage using machine learning with clinical natural language processing

Ivanov O, Molander K, Dunne R, Liu S, Masek K, Lewis E, Wolf L, Travers D, Brecher D, Delaney D, Montgomery K, Reilly C

Review the research on AI for early sepsis detection

Note: The Research Paper is not a peer-reviewed publication and is currently a pre-print publication, open for comments.

March 2021

Peer-reviewed Study

Improving ED Emergency Severity Index Acuity Assignment Using Machine Learning and Clinical Natural Language Processing

Ivanov O,  Wolf L, Brecher D, Lewis E, Masek K, Montgomery K, Andrieiev Y, McLaughlin M, Liu S, Dunne R, Klauer K, Reilly C

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