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Sepsis Alliance Summit 2023:
"ANCC Magnet Excellence through AI-Driven Early Sepsis Recognition"

Sepsis Alliance Summit 2023

The emergency department (ED) team at Adventist Health Glendale will discuss their journey to obtaining  ANCC Magnet designation, the highest and most prestigious international recognition for nursing in healthcare organizations. Currently, less than 9% of U.S. hospitals are Magnet-recognized. Accompanying their first Magnet designation, the team received nine exemplars, including one for the innovative use of artificial intelligence by nurses for early sepsis detection at ED Triage.

The presenters will explore their transformative journey, driven by visionary leadership, a commitment to innovation, and a pursuit of excellence. They will provide valuable insight into strategic organizational changes, nursing leadership, staff engagement, and the groundbreaking integration of artificial intelligence technology, known as ‘KATE,’ supporting their nursing team to detect sepsis early on at triage before labs.

This session provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and draw inspiration from Adventist Health Glendale’s innovative approaches, commitment to nurturing nurses, and pioneering spirit, to advance healthcare.



Bernadette Yu, RN, MICN

Nurse Supervisor, Emergency Department

Adventist Health Glendale


Vivian Anderson, BSN, RN, MICN

Program Manager of Clinical Practice and Education, Emergency Department

Adventist Health Glendale


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