Mednition Inc.

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Mednition Helps Improve Clinical Decisions, Patient and Organizational Outcomes

Unprecedented clinical accuracy

Mednition uniquely understands both the content and context of information in the entire EHR, including free text. It ensures key notes, critical data and clinical decisions are documented and available for patient care decisions.

10 billion+ data points and growing

We compare anonymized EHR data with a massive data set to detect and flag anomalies, and to serve as a data-powered safety net for clinical teams.

Continuous improvement

Mednition technology learns continuously to create greater levels of clinical data accuracy. By spotting larger trends and patterns, it also helps clinical teams learn and deliver increasingly safer levels of care.

Fewer preventable errors

We harness the power of machine learning to identify anomalies in care. Preventable errors are flagged in just seconds, improving patient outcomes and experiences.

Less risk, more reward

Our innovations result in less risk for patients, clinicians and hospital system balance sheets. Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), Mednition is cost-effective while providing a high return on your investment.

Mature ecosystem

We work in close concert with hospitals and their technology providers and vendors to ensure implementations are smooth, seamless and integrated into existing workflows, systems and documentation. The result is rapid time to value with no disruption to patients or staff.

Emergency Department Research

Improving Emergency Department ESI Acuity Assignment Using Machine Learning and Clinical Natural Language Processing