The KATE™ Clinical AI Platform

KATE Triage

Acuity & Risk Identification

KATE™ is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that provides 24/ 7 real-time clinical risk guidance for emergency nurses.

KATE Triage understands high risk clinical presentations and provides individualized clinical intelligence, empowering your nurses to get patients on the right care pathway. Hospital leaders can immediately tap into the rich, historical medical records within their EHR to improve patient safety, while improving operational and financial metrics.

  • Decrease clinical risk
  • Improve critical reasoning
  • Improve utilization and LOS
  • Reduce bias & promote health equity

KATE Sepsis

Early Sepsis Recognition
ED Triage is the #1 place to identify patients with Sepsis

Up to 80% of all sepsis patients enter through the Emergency Department, but nearly 6 in 10 patients are missed during triage screening.

Sepsis is:
  • #1 cause of hospital death
  • #1 cause of readmission
  • #1 cost for hospitalizations

KATE Sepsis provides real time accurate and early sepsis risk detection.

Double the identification of sepsis risk at your front door (before ordering labs) - making an immediate and meaningful impact on patient outcomes.

KATE Sepsis uses more than 500+ clinical data concepts from a patient’s medical record, both structured and unstructured clinical free-text, to help nurses intervene earlier.

“KATE is catching patients with sepsis at the door that would have been otherwise missed.”
Dr. Stephen Liu,
Medical Director, Emergency Department
Adventist Health White Memorial

Clinical Data Engine

AI Powered Real-time Clinical Analytics

The Clinical Data Engine (CDE) provides real-time analytics and opens the door to research-grade ad hoc retrospective analysis on all EHR data, including free text search.

The CDE was designed by clinicians for clinicians. Its intuitive clinical interface empowers clinicians to search millions of EHR records in seconds. Built on the KATE AI platform, the CDE brings advanced AI concepts to the desktops of your clinical teams.

Use Cases:

  • Real-time dashboards for measuring clinical performance at ED Triage
  • Aggregation analysis of patient clinical Chief Complain vs Disposition and Diagnosis and Analyze
  • Nurse performance on high risk patients
  • Build cohorts from your Hospitals patient population in seconds and compare these cohorts across thousands of clinical dimensions
  • Leverage KATE’s clinical NLP (C-NLP) engine to search your entire population for QI projects or compliance reporting. Eliminating sampling.

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Emergency Department Research

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